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Get In Bed With Pilates

Have you ever noticed that your friends who take Pilates seem to walk around a little taller?
Have a little more pep in their step? It’s probably because they are having mind blowing SEX.
(You thought I was going to say something about posture and confidence didn’t you? I did- a few blogs ago when I talked about Amy Cuddy- check it out here: Pilates: Power Pose Your Way to Success)
Yes. I said it. Pilates makes sex better. Whether you are a man or a woman, the benefits of Pilates to your sex life are undeniable. Orgasms are the result of a multitude of factors and can be finicky for some and elusive for others- but when the stars align and an orgasm is reached- is there really anything better? So, let me count the ways that Pilates will help rock your (and your partner’s) world:
1. Pilates makes you look good naked: Feeling sexy in your own body is the first step to great sex. Strength and empowerment changes the game when it comes to sex. It’s really hard to have great sex when you feel self conscious and uncomfortable in your own skin. Pilates is an incredibly effective way to improve both your physical appearance and body confidence. Feeling sexy makes you want to engage in sex, and that is where it all starts.
2. Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor: This muscle group is the holy grail of orgasms. Your pelvic floor is the group of muscles that support the bladder and in women, the uterus. It surrounds the pudendal nerve (the major “O” factor nerve), the anus, urethra and in women- the vagina. Learning how to control these muscles allows for a better “grip” on your partner which will increase friction and the surface area of contact between partners. In addition- the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles is a major component of an actual orgasm. Most experts agree that the stronger the contraction of this muscle group, the more intense the orgasm.  Kegel exercises, where the pelvic floor is contracted in a static position, have been touted as the “Sex exercise” because they strengthen the pelvic floor musculature. However, Kegels don’t help all that much during sex- because Kegels only focus on static contractions when you’re laying, sitting or standing still and sex is all about movement. Pilates teaches you how to engage your transverse abdominus (TA) and your pelvic floor during functional movements so there’s actually carryover to your pelvic floor when your feet are up by your ears and you’re holding on to the headboard for dear life… or so I’ve heard…

3. Pilates improves flexibility:  Sex isn’t only about the climax… the rest of sex should be fun too. But when your back is stiff and your hips are tight your position options are limited.  This can negatively affect both you and your partner’s enjoyment, the actual time having sex and even the ability to achieve orgasm. Pilates improves flexion and extension in the spine and does wonders for stretching the hip musculature which opens up a whole new world of potential positions. And diversity and experimentation in the bedroom is key to keeping things hot and heavy through the years.


4. Pilates maximizes the Mind-Body Connection: Pilates is all about the Mind-Body connection and being mindful and present during physical activity. Actively engaging your mind during sex will improve your awareness of your body. This will improve your responsiveness to your own body’s rhythms and partners movements.  In addition, it will allow you to be present to the emotional aspects of sex which makes every sensation you have during sex more intense- including climax.


5. Pilates improves your breath control: The more deeply you breath, the more oxygen there is in your blood. People often pant during vigorous exercise which can actually decrease the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. Pilates focuses on breath control during vigorous activity which will ensure that there is always enough oxygen rich blood traveling to all the right places to help maintain arousal and achieve orgasm (as well as making sure there is enough fuel for the muscle contractions during the more aerobic portion of sex!)

The bottom line is: Pilates can positively enhance all aspects of your sex life. From helping with body confidence and blood flow to set the mood all the way through the grand finale of the most intense orgasm of your life.  And it will be an ever evolving adventure. As your body continues to get stronger and more flexible and your breath control and mind-body connection continues to strengthen, the sky is the limit for sexual satisfaction for you and your partner. And the next time your friends remark, “Why you’re absolutely glowing today! What’s your secret?” just say with a smile: “Pilates!”
In Strength,
Stephanie Sprout DPT

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