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Using a Pilates Jumpboard – Jump For Health!

Using a Pilates Jumpboard – Jump For Health!

I started practicing Pilates at a very young age.

I was told it would improve my balance, alignment and strengthen my core. I was also told Pilates would make me an all-around stronger dancer. I respected my mentors and believed everything they told me. But one thing I didn’t tell them was I dreaded going to Pilates. I have to confess. I thought it was boring. But you have to understand, as a teenager I wanted to turn, jump and just move. Then one day our instructor attached the Pilates jumpboard at the end of our reformers and converted it into a horizontal jumping machine. I loved it! Her choreography was fun and energetic, as she incorporated low impact petit allegro (small jumps) combinations to the routine. That young girl who thought Pilates was boring is solely devoted and made it her long life career.

I have clients asking me many times “what else can I do besides Pilates? How can I get more cardio?” I tell them, “Add a jumpboard class.” It can challenge your core, elevate the heart rate and improve coordination. It strengthens and lengthens the muscles as well as burns calories. The jumpboard can also be used for those with a variety of ailments. It’s a good bone building workout for osteoporosis; less stress on the joints for clients with knee and ankle issues.

Below are just a few more benefits of Pilates Jumpboard:

  • The jumpboard exercises are beneficial for bone building.  It is also beneficial for a variety of ailments like osteoporosis and it is also used in a varied number of rehabilitation exercise regimes for the human body.
  • Knee and ankle issues like arthritis are found to be common problems by many individuals. These issue often interrupt with the exercise regimes but this is not so with the jumpboard exercises. The jumpboard exercises are found to provide great relief to the individuals suffering from these sort of knees or ankles issues.
  • The jumpboard exercises are also good for any other joint issues as the jumpboard avoids putting pressure on the joints and corrects alignment in these patients.
  • Pilates does not traditionally include cardio. The jumpboard workout induces cardio into the Pilates workout regime.  It quickens the pace and increases the heart rate. The increased heart rate flushes the toxins out of the body and also oxygenates the blood.

The core work in the traditional form of Pilates is very controlled but the jumpboard induces an extra challenge. It awakens the core while the unsteady support surface challenges the stability of the body. The jumpboard thus benefits the individual by helping in building a strong mind body connection. So if you would like to spice up your Pilates routine, try a Jumpboard class – it’s low-impact and fun!  It’s also a great exercise when done to the right music!

See you in class!

Teri Seier Moore


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