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Genine’s Client Spotlight: Marilyn C

Marilyn is an amazing woman and a great client. 

She is 85 years young and has been taking Pilates with me for five years.  With her positive  “can do” attitude she is very inspiring to all in the class.  She always has a smile on her face when she walks into the Studio.  We sat down to talk about her Pilates experience and I asked her the following questions.


1-How often do  you take Pilates?

” I do Pilates three times a week.”


2-What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

“My favorite exercises  are anything that involves stretching or intense abdominal work.”


3-What advice would you give someone just starting Pilates?

“To take a class or private session with Genine.  She is very good at explaining and modifying exercises.  She is always in an “up mood” so she motivates you to do more.  She also assists you if you are having trouble with a certain Pilates move.  I love her!”


4-How has Pilates changed your life?

“I just feel stronger.  I might walk into the studio with my body hurting , however after taking Pilates I always feel great!”


Marilyn motivates me as an instructor and as a person to always have a smile and be positive.  She is a fine example of how Pilates affects your mind, body and spirit.


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