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Why Pilates Is a Great Tool for Use in Physical Therapy

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Why Pilates Is a Great Tool for Use in Physical Therapy

Many people think of Pilates as a terrific exercise routine—which it is. Or as a wonderful way to achieve strength and balance—which it is.

But many people also tend to think of Pilates classes as being populated by buff, athletic, toned young people who were already in great shape when they began the class—which is far from the truth.

Don’t forget, the founder of the practice, Joseph Pilates, was himself a sickly child who used exercise to transform himself into an all-around healthy individual. During World War I, he began developing his own exercise routine (which he coined Contrology), which he used to help injured soldiers work their way back to health.

So, Pilates should be a natural when it comes to physical therapy. Over the last decade rehabilitation centers have begun incorporating its principles into their programs. Physical therapy at its core is about teaching people to move properly. So is Pilates. 

Therapists are reporting that Pilates is useful in every condition from sports injuries to cancer. The Pink Ribbon Program is centered around using Pilates to rehabilitate women pre and post-mastectomy surgeries. Pilates is also commonly used in neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and MS with tremendous success.

Pilates is most widely accepted as a treatment for recovery from chronic neck or back injuries and even surgery. Pilates in the Grove patient, Jahn Kirchoff, was no stranger to pain:

“Before Pilates I had pain with almost every step I took due to lower back osteo-arthritis. After multiple attempts at finding relief through radio frequency shots and a tremendous amount of pain medication, I realized this was short lived and inconsistent.”  After several recommendations from friends, family members and finally his doctor he decided to try Pilates. “A number of medical practitioners including my wife, who is a nurse, suggested Pilates. A friend suggested Pilates in the Grove, a local PT and Pilates center. The relief was almost immediate. Yes, it requires commitment, but as a lower back pain sufferer for over 5 years, the result is now being able to do things I was sure I would never do again.”

Pilates teaches the mind to use the body differently. When one muscle is injured, we tend to use (or overuse) other muscles to compensate, which then transfers the burdens of carrying the body to muscles that weren’t meant for that purpose, thus unintentionally prolonging the disability.

Pilates corrects that imbalance by teaching patients to move correctly. It helps strengthen the core—the deep abdominal muscles—that centers the body, and from which all movement originates. It also helps correctly align the spine and pelvis to prevent future injury.

For all these reasons, Pilates In the Grove incorporates on-site physical therapy services with our licensed physical therapists at both of our studio locations. Our experienced, highly trained physical therapists can provide one-on-one rehabilitation services incorporating a combination of advanced manual therapy techniques and of course our unique Pilates-based rehabilitation strategies.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or injury-induced disability, our physical therapists will design a rehabilitation program especially for you. Their targeted approach may include any one or a combination of: manual therapy, myofascial release, soft-tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, kinesiotaping, neuromuscular reeducation, functional movement screening, structural integration, and muscle energy techniques, depending on what will benefit you and your symptoms.

We are experienced in treating low back pain, sports injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, neurological impairment, neck pain, joint replacements, and balance deficits. If you think you’ve tried everything to relieve your pain, it’s time you come to us. “I feel as though I now have my life back thanks to the experts at Pilates in the Grove” Jahn Kirchoff.

For the most advanced, comprehensive approach to individualized treatment of your rehabilitative needs, book a Pilates-based physical therapy session today!


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