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Five Travel Tips for Pilates this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to enjoy your family, and this often means some travel! But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your Pilates practice just because you can’t make it to the studio. Whether you’re a frequent flier or are taking your annual trip, here are some tips to make Pilates while traveling a whole lot easier! 

Travel With Pilates PropsPilates Magic Circle

You can’t take a reformer with you (unfortunately!), but you can take things to step up your Pilates bodyweight movements. Props like resistance bands, bar, and magic circle are a great way to make sure you’re not losing any of your progress.

Top tip: Travel a lot? Invest in a storage bag or luggage with extra compartments so you always have a place to store your Pilates equipment while you’re traveling. That way it’s easily accessible, you won’t lose it, and you’re more likely to use it if you don’t have to rummage for it. 

Bring It Back To Basics

Stuck in an airport or even in the car? You don’t have to try and do the Series of Five! Instead, focus on your breathing techniques and really hone some stretches instead. Making sure to feel your muscles working and your lungs inflating properly can set you up for excellent habits. This gets you ready for when you have more space to work up a sweat! 

Make It A Group ActivityPilates Teamwork

The student has now become the master! Teach your friends and family some of the basic Pilates mat moves and create your own Pilates class. You may find you spark a love of Pilates in them too! If you’re not confident enough to do that yet, why not do a group session in their local Pilates studio? It gives you a unique opportunity for a new instructor’s perspective on your favorite movements. 

Sneak In Your Favorite Pilates Moves

The holidays are busy which means you may not be able to carve out a 40 minute or an hour-long Pilates session. But that doesn’t mean you can’t multitask! Are you preparing Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Add in some squats or standing wide knee bends. On dish washing duty? Why not see if you can squeeze in some lunges? 

Build Your Travel Pilates PlanPilats Partner

You need a clear picture of what you want to do if Pilates while traveling is going to be successful. Do your research and write out some of your favorite movements or ask an instructor to help you plan a series you can do while on the road.

Top tip: Before you leave on your trip bookmark some videos that you can easily watch and try to perform. YouTube is a great place to start, check out our channel for inspiration. 

You don’t have to give up your Pilates practice over the holidays or if you want to travel. With the right planning and a little creativity, you’ll be back on the mat in no time!

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