Teen Injury Prevention &

 Sports Performance Training

Teens loves sports for the challenge, physicality, and fun.

But a single injury or nagging aches and pains can be costly. Not just to their health and a family’s finances, but to their future, too.

That’s why we’re teaching teens about injury prevention, strengthening, and flexibility in a special 4-week program in June!


Join our summer program now and help teen athletes* prepare for the coming sports season!



It’s wonderful when a teen is passionate about sports. Because it’s not all about winning!

Sports help kids learn teamwork, communication, and good sportsmanship. They get kids outside and moving around. Kids also learn to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Some may even pursue future opportunities like scholarships or pro careers in their sport.

But…as a parent, coach, or school, you worry. 

The risk of an injury is always on your mind, no matter the rules of the game or how much protective gear is worn. And even mild strains, sprains, sore muscles can lead to bigger injuries down the road.

Some of the most common reasons why teen athletes get injured include:

  • Overuse: too much training
  • Poor technique: poor throwing skills
  • Lack of conditioning: weak or fatigued
  • Inadequate rest and recovery: staying up until 3:00 am and back to back games 
  • Growth and development: growing pains
  • Pressure to perform at a high level: from parents and coaches

The common thread in all these causes of injury? Taking control of your body BEFORE the injury happens.

Our Teen Injury Prevention Program helps teens learn to do just that.



Our first session is for teen boys, ages 15 to 18

Our Teen Injury Prevention Program at Pilates in the Grove will teach your teen athlete (boys, ages 15 to 18) how to properly prepare for their sport, how to mitigate injuries, and how to improve strength and flexibility over the course of 4 weeks in June.

The benefits: A full season with no sidelining your teen because of pains or injuries. 

And don’t worry — no Pilates experience is necessary!

Each group session will take place every Saturday in June at 12 pm at our South Miami location. Here are some of the techniques and exercises your child will learn over 4 group class sessions:



Athletes will be introduced to the “Pilates Athlete 10:” ten essential stretches and moves to warm up the body. They’ll learn basic footwork and Pilates Reformer movements.


This session is all about hips, legs, thighs, and spine movements. We’ll teach strengthening exercises and movements for mobility.


Posture and alignment is essential for preventing injuries. Athletes will practice bridge poses, postures, and more.

Unilateral Work

In this session, athletes will focus on strengthening one side of the body at a time. We’ll focus on footwork, arms, abdominals, and more.

Buy our Athlete Bundle, and you can get the 4 group classes mentioned above for $149!


Buy the 4 group classes mentioned above PLUS 1 private class for only $199!


With this program, your teen athlete will learn the techniques and movements necessary to care for their bodies and prevent injuries. Pilates is for everyone — including your teen!