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Staying Motivated for Fitness this Summer

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Staying Motivated for Fitness this Summer

Staying Motivated for Fitness this Summer

The languid summer heat relaxes you like a pricey sauna, but it’s free. Your tension seems to melt like ice cream in a cone, and all you really want to do is relax in a hammock with a tall glass of something icy and let the world go by.

But you can’t, because the visitors are in town, and they have only one thing on their minds: beach! Plus there are all those picnics and barbecues and the myriad outings you promised the kids, because before you know it, school will be starting and after all, you did promise . . .

With all that going on, it’s so easy to let your fitness routine go for a week. Or two. Or three. And you’re sure you’ll get back into the swing as soon as Labor Day is over. But will you? And what will happen to the progress you’ve made up to this point? And can you really afford to miss out on all the benefits that come from regular classes? Things like: improved posture, strength, and flexibility; better balance, coordination, and overall fitness; and physical endurance and mental resilience.

Look, do yourself a favor and get back to class. I know it’s hard to schedule the time when there are so many other things vying for your attention, but you owe it to yourself to take that just-for-you break.

So here are some tips to help you stay motivated through the summer.

Try something new

Here at Pilates In the Grove offer an amazing array of services that are sure to appeal to you if you are looking to try something new. Have you been taking mainly mat classes? Try Reformer Pilates. Have you checked into our Barre-Set-Go classes, which combine ballet, modern, Pilates, cardio, and coordination training? How about trying out one of our private or semi-private sessions where you can experience the benefits of all the equipment and personalized attention.

Don’t think about it

Just do it, as the slogan says. Some of us tend to think too much, to spend too much time in our heads overanalyzing (which, by the way, Pilates will help with!): “It won’t hurt to skip a class or two.” “I’m really too busy.” “I don’t feel like it this week.”

Studies show that injury rates increases and motivation decreases after missing just 1 week of regularly scheduled fitness activities. If you just pick up the phone and make the appointment without trying to justify it to yourself, get dressed without thinking about it, head to Pilates In the Grove while turning off those second thoughts, you’ll be here and ready to go before you know it. And you know you’ll feel so much better once class has started, not to mention afterward!

Make a date with yourself

Yes, the friends and family and myriad activities are calling you to abandon your class. If you put pilates on your schedule the way you do any other must-do—and let your family and friends know this time is inviolate—you’ll be more likely to keep the appointment.

Bring a friend

If your sister and her kids are in town, and the little darlings are starting to drive you both batty, let their dads take them to the beach and bring sis to a class. That way she can see for herself what you’ve been raving about, and you’ll both get a break from the lovable-but-crazy-making family for a while.

Reward yourself afterward

Of course, the great feeling you get from a good Pilates workout is reward itself, but you might need to dangle some kind of carrot in front of yourself to get you to the studio in the first place. Is there a great new restaurant in the area you have wanted to check out? Or maybe a nice store you have wanted to stop in for a while. You can reward yourself by checking these places out—-after you keep your appointment.

So do yourself, your body, and your family a favor: Call or click here to schedule a class today so you stay on track with your health and fitness goals and can curb the side effects of endless summer backyard BBQ’s.


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