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Staying Healthy During the Holiday Hustle

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Staying Healthy During the Holiday Hustle

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays are in full swing and Miami has finally decided to cool down a bit.  With the holidays comes travel, time with family, endless amounts of cookies (and/or cocktails), and a long-awaited vacation for many of us.  With all the emotion and excitement, we often lose track of our health. Here are 4 quick and easy tips to keep you on track!


1. Fit in a quick exercise routine in the morning before starting your day

One way you can make sure to get a good sweat in when limited on time is to do a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout.  For those that don’t know, HIIT is basically performing 2-3 rounds of 4-5 exercises for 20 seconds with 10-second breaks. 3 rounds of 4 exercises would be just a quick 10-minute workout session and will surely make you sweat. If that doesn’t exactly sound your pace, then another option is to add some resistance training via ankle or wrist weights to your next run or walk. For ideas on a few quick easy at home workouts watch our Pilates Videos.

2. Explore healthier baking options

Gingerbread cookies and pies galore- let’s admit that it is both the best and worst time of year for this very reason. Use the following substitute options to help make your baking a bit less gluttonous:

Instead of white flour, try almond flour or coconut flour.  Instead of refined sugar, try coconut palm sugar, agave or honey for sweetening.  Instead of butter, try coconut oil or a nut butter of your choice. Disclaimer: these aren’t all 1:1 substitute! Make sure you do more research on your end to get the perfect recipe.

3. Continue to set intentions

Reflection and goal setting isn’t just something reserved only for the New Year!  It’s good to take time out during the holidays to continue to set intentions. There are tools out there to help you with this if you have trouble staying on track, such as the Passion Planner or using the “Goals” setting in Google calendar.  Consistency is key, and just because you are staying busy between all the parties and gift-giving doesn’t mean you have to compromise your self-improvements!

4. Enjoy your city

There are so many exciting events that go on during the holidays and it is often the best time to get reacquainted and reinvigorated with the city you live in!  My two go-to websites to explore Miami during this time of year are and  You will be sure to find some wonderful things to enjoy right in your backyard.


Happy holidays to all!

In peace and health,

Kelsey Garcia PT, DPT, NCS, PMA-CPT



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