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Re-Opening FAQ

Pilates In The Grove / Re-Opening FAQ

Let me begin by saying that we are honored for the opportunity to serve this community. These challenging times are not what anyone would have imagined, but gladly we are seeing a turn towards better conditions. We want to thank you for your continued support, cooperation and patience as we navigate through this unprecedented situation together.  

We have been preparing a set of polices and procedures to implement once local authorities decide it is safe and loosen restrictions. Collectively, these procedures make up the studio’s phased reopening plan.You can download the full PDF here and take a look below at our FAQ.

Pilates in the Grove will begin to implement our phased re-opening plan in the coming weeks. 

Phase 1 will begin Wednesday May 6 for Physical Therapy Sessions only. 

Phase 2 (TBD) will include everything in Phase 1 plus the addition of 1:1 Pilates and Pilates for Rehabilitation Sessions + Same Household Semi-Private Sessions

Phase 3 (TBD) will include all of the above plus the addition of small group sessions of 4 clients or less. 


Why are you choosing to re-open now?

We were never required to close for Physical Therapy services as they are considered essential business operations.  We chose out of social responsibility to our community to close for those services.  We now feel it is appropriate to return to those sessions for patients and clients that are in need of PT.

What precautions are you taking to keep staff and clients safe?

We have a detailed set of policies and procedures described here.  This includes cleaning and sanitization procedures as well as policies that will keep clients spaced apart in the studio and treatment rooms.

What type of cleaning and disinfecting are you doing?

We are following the CDC guidelines to clean equipment first with soap and water and then using a disinfectant spray that is specifically approved by the EPA to kill the novel Coronavirus.

Do we need to wear masks?

For the time being, all staff and clients are required to wear masks per the CDC guidelines.

What about gloves?

We are opting as a policy to not require glove use, as studies show that frequent hand-washing and sanitization are more effective at preventing the spread of microorganisms.  We do have gloves available and staff will wear them at any client’s request.  Clients are not required to wear gloves.  If clients enter the studio wearing gloves they will be asked to change or sanitize them.

If you have any additional questions you can email us here.