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Thanksgiving Pilates Workout

Big Holiday Meal? Try Pilates This Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest, the turkey isn’t the only thing feeling stuffed at Thanksgiving! And that’s not a bad thing. But there is more you can do than wearing your stretchy pants to the table for feeling comfortable after a hearty holiday dinner. Why not try a little Pilates for Thanksgiving?

Now, you may be cringing at the thought of trying to do a Roll Over. Or trying to engage your abs after eating a hearty meal (even if you chose the healthy options). But, a few simple movements can make a big difference in how you feel!

Start With Basic Pilates Principles 

Start gently and warm up properly. Try ‘Breathe into Cat Position’ which is a gentle exercise that massages and stimulates organs in the belly like the kidneys and adrenal glands.

It also stretches out your hips, abdomen, and back to relieve stress. The perfect beginning to a Pilates break on Thanksgiving!

Properly Activate Your Whole Core

It’s important to remember to engage your core equally so you don’t develop weaknesses. So always opt to include the obliques in your sequence.

The ‘Core Twist’ not only helps to shrink your waistline and promote definition, but also helps release tension and wrings out your spine like a towel. 

Time To Crank It Up

By now you’ll be feeling a little more flexible and ready to take on some tougher movements. Boosting your metabolism with exercises such as the ‘Bicycle Crunch’ or ‘Rolling Like A Ball’ will really activate your abdominals.

With the Rolling Like A Ball exercise, you also tune in to the inner flow of movement and breath in the body. Something that is particularly beneficial if you’re feeling bloated. 

Top Tip: Remember to keep your ‘ball’ position throughout the exercise. And use your breath to stay controlled and flowing to get the most impact. 

Still Feeling Good? 

If you are able, add in another metabolism booster to really reap the benefits. ‘The Hundred’ is a classic for good reason!

It increases circulation to get oxygen throughout your body, which is great for staving off that bloated feeling. Remember to listen to your body, there are variations that can make this easier or more challenging depending on how you’re feeling. 

Finish With An Inverted Exercise

Lastly, opt for an inverted exercise to lengthen your muscles and realign your spine when you’re done.

The ‘Roll Up’ is a great way to massage and stretch your back and hamstrings. Plus, it can promote a healthy digestive system and strengthen your core. A great all-rounder!

It’s important to stay active over the holidays, and where possible make healthy choices. But the reality is that you’ll pick the ‘naughty’ option. Don’t worry, a quick Pilates mat session can be the pick-me-up you need to stay on target and hit your goals. 

Not sure you can handle Pilates post-turkey? We’re open Thanksgiving morning at South Miami! So why not book a class on Thanksgiving and get 25% off a PT session or Pilates class between now and the end of the year!

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