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Pilates Myths

Are you new to Pilates or maybe you have questions about the practice?  Pilates has its roots in being an exercise for the elite, but about 10 years ago, Pilates hit the mainstream and now America (and the world) just can’t get enough.

Because most people think it’s a relatively new physical fitness system, (even though it was developed over 100 years ago) Pilates often inspires questions. There’s plenty of misinformation floating around about Pilates so we’re here to sort the facts from fiction.

Pilates Is for Girls Only: Pilates is a wonderful, beneficial exercise for all. In fact, Pilates was invented in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates and is now practiced by famous men like Shaquille O’Neal, Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Hugh Grant. Though men and women may come to Pilates for different reasons, both will benefit from working on their posture and improving their core strength, overall flexibility and mobility. Pilates is also the perfect complement to other recreational activities and sports.

Pilates Is Just Like Yoga: Pilates and yoga share many of the same principles – breathing, balance, flow, and postural alignment. Both Pilates and yoga use slower movements, build strength and increase flexibility.  Although they have similarities, yoga and Pilates are different exercise forms. Pilates doesn’t necessarily involve the spiritual side of yoga. Also, while Pilates focuses on centering around core strength, yoga is more about flexibility and broad muscle groups. Lastly, in addition to mat Pilates there is the added benefit of  equipment based sessions using spring loaded apparatus.

Pilates Is for Young People Only: Pilates is for people of all ages and fitness levels.  The exercises can be adapted to each individual’s needs and skill set, and most are low impact, which makes Pilates easy on the joints.  Pilates helps people of all ages improve posture, flexibility and mobility, and the Pilates practice keeps the body lithe and nimble, making it easier to do everyday activities pain-free.

Pilates Is Too Pricey: Pilates classes can be more expensive than other forms of exercise due mostly to the high cost of equipment and small class size found in studios, but Pilates classes don’t have to be expensive. Pilates group classes are more affordable than private sessions, and mat classes can be found around town at discounted rates.  Although there are tremendous benefits to private sessions (perfecting form, more intense workouts geared to your personal goals and fitness level, etc.), group classes are fun, inspiring and easier on the wallet.

Pilates Is Too Easy: Pilates is truly challenging – even for the seasoned athlete, especially when progressing through all of the levels and repertoire. It’s widely used for cross training because it offers a full-body workout and teaches control, balance, and proprioception. Furthermore, unlike many forms of exercise, Pilates focuses on the mind-body connection.  It’s hard work and the results are impressive!

Not only is Pilates inclusive, it is fun, low impact and great for all ages and abilities. You can sign up for private Pilates sessions or join in a group class – from beginner to advanced. There’s something for everyone!


Marilyn Mardini, BHS, PMA-CPT



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