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Holiday Gifts for Pilates Lovers

Pilates Gifts For Your Favorite Fitness Fanatic

Pilates-lovers and fitness fanatics are a certain breed! Which makes finding the perfect Christmas gift for them tricky. We are here to help! From at-home props to Pilates classes, there’s plenty of Pilates-themed gifts for your friends and family. 

Grippy SocksGrippy Socks Make Great Gifts

Not only do we need grippy socks for health reasons in the studio, but they are also excellent for balance and staying secure on Pilates equipment like the reformer. We have grippy socks available for sale in the studio before every session. As Pilates gifts, grippy socks are a staple that looks great and can be matched to other apparel or workout wear. They make a great stocking stuffer!

Sweat Towel 

An essential part of anyone’s workout bag is a sweat towel! Is it glamorous? No. But, they will thank you for it! You can always mix it up by getting them a personalized towel so they don’t lose it in the studio, or a micro towel that clips onto their bag. 

Foam Roller Foam Rollers For Holiday Gifts

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with their foam roller! On the one hand, it’s perfect for relaxing your muscles after a tough workout to help ease tension. On the other hand, sometimes your muscles object. A foam roller is also great for lengthening and stretching in hard-to-reach places like the iliotibial (IT) band to prevent injury. There are several rollers to pick from with various degrees of intensity. To help you pick the right one, here’s a handy guide

Personalized Water Bottle

Hydration is a key part of achieving your fitness goals. And it’s often the element that we forget! Get your loved one the gift of a reusable bottle! There are fancy options that keep liquids colder for longer, ones that have ergonomic handholds for runners, and even bottles with special mixers for supplements. 

Magic Circle Magic Circles - The Perfect Pilates Gift

The perfect Pilates prop that really gets you working. Designed to deepen your workout by giving you resistance and feedback during movements, the magic circle is used in classes and can be used at home. It helps to tone and strengthen your muscles, as well as connect you to your center.

Fitness Apparel 

Looking the part isn’t the only name of the game when it comes to apparel for Pilates. You want the ability to move freely and feel comfortable as you transition from one movement to another. Some clothes just don’t fit the bill, particularly if you’re focusing on inverted positions. Get someone the gift of comfort and flexibility in their next Pilates class! 

Pilates ClassesGive the Gift of Pilates

Whether you’re buying for a complete beginner who may have tried Pilates in their own home or a regular here at Pilates in the Grove, Pilates classes are a favorite gift choice. You can choose from individual sessions, physical therapy sessions, or classes with our gift certificates. Give the life-changing gift of Pilates this holiday season!

Need help deciding on Pilates gifts for your fitness fanatic? Take care of your workout and your holiday shopping at Pilates in the Grove. 

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