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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Eliminate your pain for good and enjoy the active life you deserve. The Pilates in the Grove’s unique approach creates life changing movement experiences by fusing Physical Therapy interventions with Pilates to help our clients eliminate the use of pain medication and avoid injections and unnecessary surgeries.

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You’ve tried it all: traditional therapy, prescription drugs, endless trips to doctors, the list goes on. But for some reason you still can’t kick that nagging pain for good. Sounds familiar? Well, you’re not alone. There are safe and effective alternative treatments that can help you lead your best life. We hope you will find this guide both informative and helpful. Enter your email and we’ll send it to you now.

How are we different?

Pilates in the Grove is a patient centered Physical therapy facility where we focus and treat the person as a whole. Through our unique and thorough evaluative process assessing posture, mobility, strength and motor control we are able to dig deeper and determine the true source of your pain. We know that in order to effectively reduce and eliminate pain we must get to the underlying source rather than just treat the symptoms. With this unique approach we help our clients ditch their pain pills, avoid unnecessary surgery and get back to the pain free life they deserve.

physical therapy

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Patient Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the stories of those who know best.


Pilates in the Grove should definitely be part of your New Years Resolution Great for body and mind. I have been coming here 2x a week for several months, originally came because my doctor recommended Pilates as a way to strengthen my core I could not walk, stand and certainly not bend down due to terrible back pain. After a month of classes I noticed a great improvement Is continue to go to maintain my progress.

Barbara D.

I have been to many places to help with the pain in my hip and back, it had been going on for over a year. I am now pain free. My posture is better, my arthritis pain is gone and that annoying hip pain gone too. I am in great shape. I have been going here for 6 months. I will not stop because for someone older it has been a miracle for me — thank you Dr. Terpos for making me confident enough to feel good and strong.

Gene L.

My experience with Pilates In The Grove has been excellent. They have an impressive staff helping you and they get results like no other. Every time I go there for physical therapy I leave feeling like a new man.

Rafael M.
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I finally have the beginnings of a really movable torso!! I could actually follow through on a golf shot. And I hadn’t played for months! I owe it all to Pilates in the Grove and PT with Christa!

Diane G.

Christa has helped me recover from my back problems in a way that I never thought possible, while helping me improve my overall condition.
I avoided surgery thanks the Pilates in the Grove, and recommended their services to anyone with my eyes closed. Excellent service given by a friendly and professional team, in a very welcoming environment. Thumbs up!

Daniel B.

As a fellow Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor, I can honestly say Pilates in the Grove ( and now South Miami) is one of the finest places around. Christa and her well educated and amazing colleagues genuinely care for their clients well being and movement abilities. They are educated, knowledgeable and well organized. I continue to be impressed with all that Pilates in the Grove and their team is doing for their community and their clients. Thank you Christa for being the amazing soul you are.

Craig Cohen

I can’t say enough good things about my experience here at Pilates in the Grove.  I have been to many places to help with the pain in my hip and back, it had been going on for over a year. I am now pain free. I like to say that my glutes are so strong now I can crack walnuts but I think that is only my body telling my mind how good I feel. My posture is better, my arthritis pain is gone and that annoying hip pain gone too. I am in great shape.

Nancy S.L.

My experience with Pilates in the Grove has been so positive! A friend recommended them to me a few years ago because her son had an injury. He was so much better after his sessions and looked forward to them. I had two shoulder surgeries in addition to back issues and needed to go to someone who knew what they were doing. I have had private sessions with several of the instructors each helping me in different ways. I felt and continue to feel so much better after each one. I have learned exercises to do at home to continue to improve my flexibility and strength. The staff is amazing! Everyone is very friendly and willing to help in whatever way they can. I highly recommend Pilates in the Grove.

Annette M.

Physical Therapy Resources

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