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Pilates In The Grove is pleased to offer a way for you to safely and effectively recover from injury or pain with Physical Therapy services offered by one of our experienced licensed Physical Therapists. Rehabilitate your injury or address chronic pain with a personalized program that would include advanced manual therapy techniques as well as Pilates based rehabilitation exercises designed to return you to full function without the use of pain medication, injections or frequent trips to the doctor’s office. Our patient centered approach is unique from other facilities because we work one-on-one with each client to ensure that you receive the most efficient and effective care that addresses the root cause of your problem so the pain stays away for good saving you both time and money.

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Our staff of highly trained Physical Therapists specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation having specialized training in Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue mobilization, Joint mobilization, Kinesiotaping, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Functional Movement Screening, Structural Integration and Muscle Energy Techniques. We treat a variety of conditions including:

Sports Injuries

Low Back Pain


Chronic Pain

Neurological Impairment

Neck Pain

Joint Replacements

Targeting problem areas

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Physical Therapy FAQ

Why Is There A Fee For Services?

The answer is quite simple- we would not be able to provide the high level of care and individualized treatment that we do at the rates insurance companies are currently willing to pay for physical therapy treatment. At Pilates in the Grove we work for YOU- The Patient and not the insurance companies. We create a personalized program that includes skilled manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises that will result in faster recovery time and improved outcomes.

You are able to spend the entire session or more directly with your therapist, so that you will heal faster and require fewer visits to do so. We believe that our Physical Therapy and Personalized Wellness services are beneficial for everyone. Our individualized programs will work with you to provide treatments that are efficient, effective and designed to return you to the lifestyle you deserve.

Can I Submit My Bills To My Insurance For Reimbursement?

In most cases, YES!  For most insurances you should be able to find a claims form on their website, print it out and submit it along with your receipts, treatment codes and proper provider numbers that we will provide for you.  The amount you will be reimbursed is dependent on your insurance company, if you call them be sure to ask about, “Out-Of-Network Physical Therapy” expenses. To assist you in this process we have created an INSURANCE WORKSHEET that you can download from this page that will guide you when contacting your insurance company.

Can I See A Physical Therapist Without A Referral From My Doctor?

Florida is a “direct access” state for Physical Therapy, meaning anyone can refer themselves to a physical therapist without a referral from their physician. However, your insurance plan may require you to have a referral or a prescription for Physical Therapy for the service to be covered (i.e. they won’t pay without it).

Will I Be Able To Receive A Treatment On The Same Day As The Evaluation?

In most cases you will receive treatment on the same day as the initial evaluation. We will also provide you with a personalized home program to assist in your recovery.

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You may also call us to book your session: 1-305-446-6899 (Coconut Grove) or 1-305-397-8308 (South Miami).

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