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Pilates On the Go!

Summer’s here and your regular workout routine has gone haywire! The kids are home, each one in a different Summer camp which means various drop off and pickup times. Vacations are planned and you...

Why Pilates?

I will never forget the day I first walked into PITG. We had just moved to the neighborhood, and  were coming home from eating out somewhere close by. I saw the little Pilates in...

Meet the Team: Nikita Chugani

Nikita’s 13 years of Pilates training includes mat and all apparatus.  She completed her Comprehensive Pilates Training through Polestar Education and is a PMA-certified Pilates instructor. Originally from London, England, she lived in the Caribbean...

Get Up. Stand Up.

In an article posted on, Diana Gerstacker quoted Dr. James Levine saying “sitting is the new smoking” and listed seven ways (from cancer, to muscle problems) as to why this is the case...