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Meet the Team: Tracy Belcher

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Meet the Team: Tracy Belcher



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  • If Joseph Pilates were alive today what would you choose to work on in a private session with him?
  • I’d go through the mat repertoire and really try to understand his thought process. His work has been reinterpreted in so many ways as it’s been shared and passed down. It would like to hear it from the horses mouth and understand his intensions.
  •  What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?
    I love Stomach Massage. Clients always hate it at first. But, as they start to become stronger, more aware of their bodies, and gain a better understanding of the Pilates principles, you can see it all start to click for them through this exercise. It is rewarding to watch clients go from dreading it or not feeling it’s value and benefits, to really appreciating it and welcoming new variations.
  • What is your least favorite and why?
    Today… Leg Circles. I guess I am not doing them often enough!
  • What is the last book you read or what are you currently reading?
    Gone Girl, and Eric Franklin’s ‘Dynamic Alignment through Imagery’
  • Name three items you would grab from your house in a fire?
    My pup, Odie; my computer (I don’t know how to work the cloud!); and my Nutribullet
  • What is a fun fact that most people would not guess about you?
    People are surprised to hear I was born and raised in Miami
  • Describe your teaching style in one word?
  • What makes you smile?
    Sunshine and saltwater


Tracy is also available for private Pilates sessions on Saturdays. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to set something up.


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