Kelley Garcia graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Miami in May of 2020.  She knew she wanted to get into the health field but was unsure which route to take. In 2015, she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration, knowing that this would be a good gateway into the field.  She had come in contact with physical therapy once prior for an ankle injury while dancing and thought this may be a career for her.

Kelley was born and raised in Miami, Fl. She danced from the age of 3 to 18 and went on to teach for 5 years until beginning graduate school at UM. She learned about Pilates following a back injury at 16 and attributes most of her rehabilitation and core strength to it. She knew, later on that it would be a great conjunction with physical therapy. Kelley is currently enrolled in the Core Advancement Teacher training program at Pilates in the grove, in order to pay it forward the way her therapist did for her.

Kelley loves to listen to music, dance, spend time outdoors hiking and working out when she’s not in the clinic or at the studio. She loves to cook and make treat meals in a healthier fashion. On the weekends, she is usually spending time with family.