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Inspire and Motivate with Pilates and Music

Music has been around since almost the beginning of man; from the beating of logs to symphonies of grand proportion and complexity. Recently, it has taken the guise of something else that eludes to dance, song and harmony. In one way or another it has been a form of communication whether it is in the form of percussion beats on wood, lyrics or even radio transmission.

Even more recently, music has been introduced to the world of exercise. In my case, it is imported into my profession; Pilates. It communicates a feeling or mood for the expression of movement in a way that inspires us to push more, beyond our limitation, in terms of fitness. Something inspires us all but music will always inspire and motivate. A good Pilates session is always inspiring and uplifting. That is what I strive for. A work out that moves your soul, through Pilates and enriches your quality of life.

At Pilates in the Grove, I teach 16 to 17 classes a week. Each class is different. For my mixed level and intermediate reformer classes I usually like to use pop music; like Michael Jackson or Bruno Mars. Sometimes, I’ll mix it up by playing Broadway Show Tunes depending on who’s in my class or my mood that day. My Barre class is Afro Caribbean drums to keep a solid beat. For Jump Board, I always use a hip hop mix that is upbeat and fun. The music sets the mood of the class to increase energy and help focus. Sometimes my clients forget they are working so hard when they get lost in the music.

But as always, music makes you move. It moves your body and it moves your soul. I will end here with a couple of my favorite sayings that inspire me to move everyday. Just remember, sweat is fat crying. You might be sore today but you will be strong tomorrow and you won’t get the booty you want by just sitting on it, better sore than sorry.

Signing off,

Teri Seier Moore

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