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How to Write a Blog That People Actually Want to Read

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How to Write a good Blog post

How to Write a Blog That People Actually Want to Read

So you want to write a blog? Awesome. Now let’s make sure people, especially your target demographic, actually read it. We know that a kick-a%# blog is a great way to keep in touch with your clientele, as well as attract new ones. But how do you get them to actually WANT to read what you’ve written (and make this whole blog thing worth your time)?

The secret is, well — not such a secret. Think about what you choose to read, and you’ll probably use words like interesting, relevant, helpful, informative. And that’s exactly what folks are looking for in the blogs they read regularly, regardless of the topic. So how do you accomplish this? Let’s look at three tangible ways to create and maintain compelling copy that will keep ‘em clicking.

Respond To Their Questions

What are your clients asking you about, both in person or through social media? As a health and wellness professional, people often approach me for feedback on current health issues in the news. Maybe they’re inquiring about a new supplement that’s been shown to have significant side effects. For example, the recent controversy over the popular pain-relieving supplement Kratom is a hot topic in my world. And I’m the perfect person to blog about it. Bingo: a prime opportunity!

If a client in one class asks the same question as a client in another class, that’s a good indication that others will have the same question, and will be interested in reading a blog about it. Or if you find yourself correcting your clients’ form over and over on a particular exercise, there’s a blog topic that’s sure to get eyeballs. Also, if you see something in your social media feed that everyone seems to be talking about, blog about it. Use your skill-set and experience to your advantage. 

Become An Expert & Share Your Expertise

Breaking news in your industry makes an ideal “hook” for your blog, which leads us to the second secret. It’s critical that you stay current in your field, not only to attract clients to your business, but also to remain an authority in your expertise and use your voice to educate via your blog.

Continuing education is key to success in any career, whether you’re self-employed or working for someone else. This doesn’t mean you must pursue formal education, although that never hurts. There are many ways to stay abreast of developments in the fitness and wellness fields, like checking out conferences, workshops and courses that exist to help keep you on top of your game and connected to other professionals in your field.

I also recommend you subscribe to at least one publication that closely relates to your specialty. Trade journals, especially those online, are filled with news and information that can provide up-to-date ideas for blogs. And let’s not forget about good old fashioned newspapers and television. Every major newspaper in the country has a special section devoted to health, fitness, and wellness news. Every major network does regular health and wellness news segments on a regular basis. If you can’t develop the habit of watching the morning or evening news, check out websites like CNN, CBS, and NBC. It’s amazing at what you can find and learn.

And if you’re in a bit of a writing rut (it happens to all of us), seek out guest bloggers. Contact a fitness or wellness guru and ask him/her to contribute to your blog. You’ll get original content and the guest blogger gets exposure to your clients/readers. That’s a win-win for both of you.

Inform, Don’t Sell

It’s easy (and understandable) to want to use your blog to sell your service or product. But readers can spot a sales pitch from a mile away, which usually equals “delete.” There are just too many choices out there, so make sure your blog is authentic and written with a genuine intention of informing your readers. This will pay off way more than any advertisement disguised as real content.

The bottom line: a fresh, original, up-to-date blog will keep your clients engaged, drive traffic to your website and business, and mark you as someone who takes your business seriously. Like they say — you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your blog is ready to impress from the very first e-mail blast.

In Health,

Christa Gurka MSPT, PMA®-CPT


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