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How Much is Your Health and Wellness Worth?

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How Much is Your Health and Wellness Worth?

If you are currently taking any prescription medication or have been to the hospital or doctor’s office lately you know how crazy expensive it can be! But we figure out a way to make it happen because we know our health and wellness is worth it!

But what if we could do more to help prevent as many ailments as possible? Would you do it?

We know that our lifestyle choices play the biggest role in our health and well-being (physically, emotionally, and mentally). And we are in control of the choices we make for our lives each day. For example: What kind of food do I fuel my body with? Do I exercise each day? Do I manage my stress effectively? And we know the difference between eating an apple vs apple pie and the difference between watching Ninja Warrior and actually working out. But, for some reason, we often don’t make the right choices.

Personally, I respond well to motivation. I am constantly reading personal development books, looking for motivational quotes, and listen to inspiring people speak. So here is some motivation for you. What if committing to daily exercise, healthy eating, and stress management could help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, stroke, etc? Even if we scale it down to some more immediate results. What if you could eliminate your low back pain, lose 10 lbs, have energy to play with your kids, sleep throughout the night, or just feel better about yourself? Would you do it?

The obvious answer is YES, of course it’s worth it! The two biggest objections I hear are: “I don’t have the time” and “I can’t afford it”. Both are valid objections! But the truth is, “you either find solutions or you find excuses!”- my favorite quote.

Time. I get this! We all have full plates and it doesn’t matter if it’s taking care of your kids, working 3 jobs to pay off loans, caring for an elderly parent, or starting a new career. When your plate is full- it’s full! Yet, we find time for our favorite tv show, we go out for happy hour on Friday, we get our hair or nails done, we go to doctor’s appointments, and we are home for the cable guy when our internet is down. When it’s important to us we find a way to make it happen! This is what we need to do with our health and wellness. Make it a priority and make the time. Start simple- 3 times a week. Commit 3 hours a week (that’s only 2% of your time!) to a pilates class and notice what a difference it can make in how your feel and therefore your quality of life.

Money. I am actually very money conscious and I don’t spend money unless I really see the value and worth. Well, that part is easy! We just discussed several reasons why exercise, healthy nutrition, and stress management add value to your life and are worth part of your hard earned pay check. It’s important for you to think this part out and personalize it to your situation, beliefs, and vision for your life. So now where can we find that extra money to invest in our future selves? The answer is simple: It’s hiding right in front of you. I was amazed when I started really scrutinizing my bank statements and looking at where my money went and I highly suggest you do the same. The money to take care of the most precious gift you have- your life and your health- is hiding in there somewhere. Do you really need a starbucks coffee each day? Can you cook at home a couple more nights a week? Can you pack your lunch to take to work? Can you have one less drink at happy hour? None of these may apply to you so I encourage you to personalize this part too. Where can you make little changes to the everyday ordinary things you buy so you can invest in your future?

Do you know that the average American spends over $240 per month eating out??? At Pilates in the Grove you can purchase an unlimited month of classes for just pennies more and be investing in the long term benefits of improving your physical fitness, posture, breathing and overall function. Not a bad deal right???

I promise you there is no better investment you can make than in yourself for your future health and wellbeing. Your family will thank you, your friends will thank you, and YOU will thank you! When you are healthy and happy you are at your best. When you are at your best you can live your best life to your fullest potential. That is what I want for you! So give it a try and share your story. I look forward to being apart of your journey. See you in the next pilates class!

To your health, happiness, and future wellbeing!

Sabine Gempel, DPT, PT


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