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3 Helpful Tips to Find More Balance in Your Life

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3 Helpful Tips to Find More Balance in Your Life

With summer over, the time to get back into our normal routines is now. Routines add control and consistency to our daily activities, allowing us to manage the hustle and bustle of daily life. The most important part of maintaining any good routine is establishing balance.

Finding your even keel can sometimes be overwhelming, but when you break it down into its core aspects balance becomes a lot easier to establish and maintain.

A healthy diet:

Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult, but it’s important not to psych yourself out. Starting slow is the best way to ease yourself into a healthy and balanced diet. Remember, food is fuel, so start with breakfast. A good breakfast sets the tone for your day and making sure not to skip it will help you get off on the right foot. Foods like grainy bread, greek yogurt, oatmeal, and fruits like bananas and berries can give you the right balance of healthy carbs, fats, proteins and sugars that your body needs to stay energized and focused. The better you eat, the better you’ll feel. The better you feel, the better you’ll do.

Stay active to stay healthy:

We all know how hard it is to wake up early and hit the gym or change into your gym clothes after work when all you want to do is rest. Pushing yourself to stay active is an essential part of keeping your body and mind in sync, We all have busy schedules, that’s why it’s so important to find what works for you. Making it a point to add exercise and physical activity to your busy schedule is your second step to a happier, healthier you.

When you exercise regularly your brain releases endorphins, raises your metabolic rate and lowers your resting heart rate. In combination, these things help tremendously to reduce overall mental and physical stress. It’s important to remind yourself that the harder you work for your health the harder your health will work for you.

Work hard rest hard:

The last and most important aspect of the balancing act is knowing your limits. It’s sometimes difficult to disconnect from work after a long day. We’ve all been there; you find yourself checking emails in bed and suddenly it feels like your workday never ended. The same way you wouldn’t want to start your day with your phone on low battery, starting your day without having had the proper amount of rest will leave you drained by lunchtime. You work hard already, give your mind a rest. Being properly rested is an integral part of staying healthy. Adding physical and mental downtime to your routine will make the harder parts of your day easier to manage.

A tired mind is a tired body, so give them time to recharge and they will thank you. The next time you find yourself struggling to find your balance try breaking it down into these core concepts. Take things one step at a time. Start by eating right, that will give you the fuel you need. Use that fuel to keep your body and mind sharp and in sync. Finally, when the day is done and your fuel has been spent, make sure to give your body and mind the rest they deserve.

Incorporating these concepts to your routine add the balance you need to be your best you.


Written by: Marilyn Mardini


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