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Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays (and everyday)

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Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays (and everyday)

The New Year is still a few days away, but with the all the holiday treats and eats you’ve been up against since October, you may feel like you need to jump-start those New Year’s Resolutions. It’s time for some diet damage control! Although there still are more parties and soirees to attend, we’ve got are a few simple guidelines to see you through January 1 and which guarantee a more healthy New Year.
Eat before you party 
Nosh on something healthy before you head to your holiday bash (and any soiree that includes cocktails). While this tip will mitigate the damage of any would-be hangovers, it also prevents you from making irrational “hangry” decisions. (like 20 handfuls of tortilla chips and guac!)
Don’t deprive yourself
If you really want a piece of chocolate, have it. Abstaining altogether will only lead to an all-out binge, but a bite or two of something rich will satisfy your craving with far less guilt. 

Stay away from the snacks
Park yourself at least 10 feet away from the cheese plate at your holiday or New Year’s Eve party. This will keep you from grazing absentmindedly.
Make time for exercise
We know the holidays have thrown you off your normal routine, but toss in a quick workout when and wherever you can. Dropping off kids for soccer practice?  Use the time to squeeze in a run around the park where they train. Get up a bit earlier and fit in that fast walk or a Pilates session.  Physical activity is proven to reduce stress, encourage a positive, healthy attitude and it makes you less likely to indulge in leftover Christmas cookies or Hanukkah latkes.
Keep those cocktails to a minimum
If you can’t or don’t want to eliminate booze, keep your drink count low and use soda or seltzer water as your main mixer (vodka and soda or tequila with lime make for great, low calorie libations). Champagne also works, just don’t have more than a glass or two or you could be in for a bloated, grumpy, hangover on New Year’s day.
Get your share of grapefruit
The healthy citrus fruit has numerous benefits for your body, including kick-starting weight loss and banishing the bloat from one too many glasses of bubbly. 

Put down the processed foods
At parties and in your everyday life, go au natural and eat organic foods.  By cutting out the processed foods and fillers, your choices are inherently cleaner, better for your overall health and digestion, and free of unnecessary sugars, salt and additives. Trust us, your body will thank you for it.
Always fill your plate with celebration and happiness! 
While these guidelines aim to change the way you approach your holiday celebrations (and everyday life), the goal is to embrace and enjoy each day.

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