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Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I absolutely love those few stolen moments snuggled, all comfy-cozy on my couch with the sound of my content pup gently snoring. I could stay in those moments forever but I’m on a mission, a mission to be uncomfortable.

Why in the world would someone be on a mission to be uncomfortable? I have learned that when I’m uncomfortable, it’s generally because I’m pushing myself to another level, learning something unfamiliar or challenging myself in some way. I crave that next level like the grass craves rain.

Our brains like routine and familiar things. We’re good at the things we’ve practiced, we don’t have to work hard and pay attention to all the little details of something with which we’re already familiar. Change and new things are where there is some “out of the comfort zone” moments and they are GOLD.

This is part of the reason learning new things, being in a new situation, meeting new people or exploring a new place can be uncomfortable or downright stressful. These situations force us to take note of what’s happening around us and within us.

This amazing space of discomfort is where we GROW and evolve. That’s not to say that growth will be painful, (although it can be) but growth requires us to experience a little discomfort as our minds and bodies integrate the new information – learning a new person’s name and how they like to communicate for example or learning that next level Pilates movement. I’ve had many of these moments over the last couple of months as I dive deeper into my Pilates practice and learn how to bring it to others.

What have you been wanting to learn or incorporate into your life? Here are a few things that might help you move the needle on the meter.

Start Small – Having a goal of climbing Kilimanjaro can be daunting. Break it down into manageable and realistic pieces.

Do a Little Research – The internet can be such a wonderful resource but don’t forget to utilize the library, and even better, talk to someone who already has achieved that goal and see what they experienced. Just don’t get stuck in this phase, gather some info and move forward.

Make a Plan – Learning something new will require you to carve some time out of your busy schedule. Often when we don’t schedule time for ourselves, it gets pushed lower on the list of priorities.

Buddy System – Sometimes it’s hard to stay accountable to ourselves. Getting a friend to join you in the new adventure can help keep you from talking yourself out of making progress. Having a friend join you can provide a little extra encouragement and maybe a little healthy competition.

Be Gentle with Yourself – Everyone has a different learning style and speed. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves for not getting something right away. Appreciate the process, appreciate that your mind and body are growing even if its not perfect right away. Breathe and appreciate YOU!

We would love to hear what wonderful challenge you come up with for yourself. One of mine? I want to be able to walk on my hands by the end of this year (among many others).


Be well,

Ronda Livingston


  • Beth Kaiser
    08/02/2018 at 4:32 pm

    This information is both inspiring & motivational on so many levels. Keep the great advice & step by step process of getting in better shape & health coming! Bravo Ronda

  • Bobby M
    08/17/2018 at 4:10 am

    Wow!! Thank you for composing this, Ronda!! You are a true inspiration!

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