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Genine’s July Client Spotlight

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Genine’s July Client Spotlight

Darnie Labrozzi is an amazing client with a lot of energy.  The first thing you notice is her great smile and long legs!  She always brings a ton of enthusiasm to class which keeps everyone motivated.  Her body has definitely leaned out and has gotten more toned with her commitment to Pilates Fusion.

1- How often do  you take Pilates?

I try to do Pilates a minimum of twice a week, if I can squeeze in another class I do.

2- What is your favorite thing about Pilates?

I love everything about it! Besides Pilates  being the best workout to strengthen my core, it really shapes and sculpts  my whole body! I take the the Pilates Fusion class  so it adds cardio to  pilates that helps me feel i had a complete workout.

3- What advice would you give someone just starting Pilates?

To  start with at least one private session and then to an all level class, so you understand the basic movements.   That way you know you are doing Pilates correctly and  soon you will see  the amazing results! As you get better, then transition to the more advanced classes. The results are astonishing but it will not work if you are not  truly committed. . Great results take time, effort and mostly discipline.

4- Please share a special memory of Pilates?

I have a lot of great memories, but I remember my first class and  how nervous I was! Only  because  I did not want to make anyone uncomfortable because I was new and did not know the moves. I met with my  instructor before class for an intro Pilates session.  She explained the basics moves on the reformer. During  class, she made an effort to make sure I was comfortable and safe at the same time. She made me feel special and encouraged me  to take another class. After this I was hooked for life.

5- What has Pilates changed your life?

Pilates has truly changed my life because It has given me a way to exercise without injuring myself with heavy weights and a tedious workout. The results of how my body looks and feels  is the ultimate reward.


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