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Five Daily Exercises To Keep Your Body Strong and Healthy

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Five Daily Exercises To Keep Your Body Strong and Healthy

Have you ever felt like you don’t have time to exercise and spend most of your day sitting at a desk? Here are 5 exercises that can keep your body strong, flexible and healthy. These exercises help you maintain good posture and help protect you from the everyday physical stress you put on your body. Doing these exercises once a day will keep your body feeling good.

1 – Bridging:  This exercise is great for spine articulation, spine mobility and core strengthening.


Lying supine with knees flexed, feet hip width apart and arms to your side.  Inhale to prepare and exhale to articulate your spine off the mat. Inhale at the top and exhale to articulate spine back to the mat.  


2 – Hundreds:  This exercise is good for core control, breathing, coordination and gets your blood flowing.


Lying flat on your back with legs in table top position, palms facing down and arms to your side.  Lift your head, neck and shoulders while extending your legs out and reaching arms towards the end of the mat.  Hold position and begin to pump your arms up and down and breathe in for 5 counts and breathe out for 5 counts for 10 repetitions.


3 – Plank:  This exercise is a total body workout. It helps to strengthen your abdominals, back and core.  Also works your glutes and hamstrings.


Place hands shoulder width apart, in line with elbows and shoulder.  Feet on the mat, closer together will be harder and hip width apart will be easier.  Maintain head and spine in a neutral position while you hold this position.


4 – Squat:  This exercise helps strengthen your lower body, including hips and glutes, while strengthening the muscles around the knee.  Squatting is very anabolic meaning that it helps the body build muscle mass.


Standing with your head facing forward and your chest held up and out.  Place your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Sit back and down like you are sitting into an imaginary chair.  Keep your back straight.


5 – Swimming:  The benefit of this exercise is to strengthen your back muscles while improving your posture, mobility and stability.  It also challenges your core muscles.


Lying prone on the mat with both arms extended overhead and legs extended long on the mat.  Inhale to lift chest, arms and legs off the mat. Inhale and exhale as you alternate lifting opposite leg and arms, simultaneously.  


Doing these five exercises every day will help you maintain your health, strength and flexibility, and can be squeezed in to even the busiest schedule!



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