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Choose An Attitude of Gratitude

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choose an attitude of gratitude

Choose An Attitude of Gratitude

A few weeks ago I posted a message on my instagram about being grateful and trying to see the positive in every situation. I received such an overwhelming response that I want to share it with you all on my blog.

I want to recognize my dad for going above and beyond for me today. Yesterday, I went to a new church and the message was about finding calm in the storm. I prayed for patience and the ability to keep a positive attitude in life’s many challenges. Ask and you shall receive.. After church, when I was pulling out of my parking spot, I drove over an old piece of a stop sign in the grass, which put a huge slash in my tire. Here was my chance to find my zen in this storm. I had to wait for AAA, spend two hours on the phone calling tire stores and knew I would have to find time to get it changed and pay for a new tire during my already busy week. That is the glass half empty version…
I chose instead to be grateful this was my biggest problem today. “If this is the worst thing that happens to you today then you had a good day”, as my wise dad would say. So, the glass half full version is this..

I got to go to church and practice my religious freedom to worship with good friends. When I popped my tire, my friend stayed with me while I waited for AAA. Eventually the service man showed up and changed my tire so I didn’t have to lift a finger. I then went home to my husband and puppy, ate a delicious meal and slept in a comfy bed. I woke up the next morning and went to a job I love with co-workers I enjoy working with. While I was at work, my dad offered to drive to Miami from WPB to get my car from me at work and take it to the dealer for me! And, I can afford to pay for a new tire.
Remember to count your blessings instead of your struggles. We all have so much to be thankful for. Choose an attitude of gratitude and it will change your world!
To your health, happiness and peace of mind!

Sabine Gempel, DPT, PT, WFPBN

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