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It’s All About The Swing!

Lately, I have been working with many golfers who are finding that Pilates has greatly improved their strength and flexibility and as a result, increased their golf score.

Pilates exercises can not only improve your golf game, but they can also help keep you free of injury. Performing pilates exercises regularly will improve your abdominal strength, alignment, balance, coordination and posture.


How is Pilates especially beneficial to golfers as well as to all those involved in other rotational sports such as tennis? Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a movement methodology that revolves around principles of control, breath, centering, precision concentration and flow. The exercises are core-based, which means that all of them require the active participation of your abdominal muscles, your back muscles, and often your gluteal muscles. In Pilates, you use your own body weight to develop strength and flexibility, particularly in your core and deep stabilizing muscles. In...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Pilates is a Great Addition to any Fitness Program

1. How does Pilates strengthen abdominal muscles?


Pilates is well known for strengthening your core or abdominal musculature. There are a variety of ways this is accomplished through the practice of the Pilates method. First off Pilates is based on efficiently contracting your abdominal muscles with every exercise in the repertoire therefore when you are performing an upper body exercise on the equipment or on the mat the abdominals will also be contracted improving the endurance of the abdominal muscles. For example, during the seated arm series on the reformer the abdominals must stay contracted to hold the spine stable, upright and in proper alignment to correctly perform the exercise. Throughout a Pilates session or class clients are constantly reminded to “pull in your belly button” or “ engage your powerhouse” to ensure constant contraction of the abdominals.


Secondly Pilates focuses on strengthening the abdominals from the inside-out...

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The Cold Hard Truth About Treating Your Injuries

pain sports stretching Apr 20, 2015

Let’s say you sprain your ankle… what do you do?

RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and anti-inflammatories, of course! Um, well, no. I’m going to challenge your mother or father’s go-to fix and tell you to just R, within reason; C, within reason; and E, within reason. That’s right, I said to ditch the ice and anti-inflammatories!


Let me start with a little biology lesson; I’ll keep it brief. Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury – it’s a good thing! The purpose of inflammation is to bring healing blood and nutrients to injured tissue; it helps to clear out dead and damaged cells, and begin tissue repair. Inflammation also let’s you know that your body is not happy about something. For example, if your body is mechanically “off” (poor posture, stiff joints, flat feet, etc), your body is likely using compensatory strategies to move and function. These compensatory strategies can...

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