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Stop the Sitting Epidemic by Moving More

sitting epidemic Feb 13, 2017

Stop the Sitting Epidemic by Moving More


How much time do you spend sitting each day? We used to think that getting daily exercise would help fight obesity and disease and keep us strong and healthy. Unfortunately, what the research has been showing for the last few years does not support that theory. What we have is a sitting epidemic on our hands.

Think about how our lives are designed around sitting. We wake up and (if we’re lucky) sit down for breakfast, then we sit in the car as we drive to work or school, 85% of us spend the day at a desk, we sit down to have lunch, after work we get back in the car and sit to drive home, finally we get home and sit down on the couch to relax, watch tv, and have dinner. On the weekend maybe you go to a movie where you sit for several hours or spend time on the computer playing games, facebook stocking, or surfing the web. If you’re really good maybe you set aside time to work out each day and you feel good about...

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