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Sabine’s Summer Reading List

My favorite part of summer is the extra time for summer reading.

My work schedule slows down a bit and the days are longer and it’s perfect for early morning or late night reading outside (or by the pool or snuggled up in bed!). I am an incredibly slow reader, which is a blessing and a curse because the books I love last longer but when I was in school I could never keep up with my homework. Somehow I made it through school (hating reading), but now I love reading! Below I’ve listed some of my favorite reads in different categories. Hopefully you’ll find something that peaks your interest. Enjoy!




1. Open by Andre Agassi. I’m not a huge tennis fan but I enjoy watching the finals of the major tournaments and occasionally I play with my husband. I’m lucky if I hit the ball 4 times in a row but I look the part with my cute tennis outfit! This book kept my interest throughout and has a great message of listening to your heart...

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