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Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis

Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis

This past week I found out that the son of someone dear to me was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

After the initial shock and sadness passed, my immediate response was, “He should take Pilates!” I’ve had the opportunity to do Pilates-based Physical Therapy with a number of people with neurological conditions, MS being one of them. Upon doing a bit of background research, I felt both excited and validated to find a number of articles supporting Pilates as having significant benefits for people with MS. 

MS is a bit enigmatic to both the common population and doctors alike. We don’t know what causes it, what makes the disease progress or how to cure it. However, what we are starting to discover is how to manage the disease and improve quality of life for those that have it.

What is MS

Let’s start off with WHAT. MS is a degenerative neurological disease which affects the myelin sheath of the central nervous...

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