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Pilates and Physical Therapy: How Pilates Became My Way of Life

Pilates and Physical Therapy: How Pilates Became My Way of Life

During my first year at the University of Miami’s Physical Therapy program, we were offered the chance to participate in an elective to learn about Pilates and how it could be applied in the physical rehabilitation world. 

I will admit that at first I was skeptical.  A few of the thoughts going through my mind were:

  • “But isn’t pilates just for rich people?  I’m a broke student with a lot of debt – Not interested.”
  • “I thought this was a thing created for dancers. I don’t want to be a PT for only dancers”
  • “It just looks kind of boring!”

But being the nerdy, overachieving student I was, I decided to take the class anyway.  And that’s where my life began to change. 

Pilates changed everything

I immediately started to look at the human body in a different way.  I began to see the quality of ...

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