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All Natural? Organic? Fair Trade? A Primer for Your Healthy Lifestyle

We’re all trying to be good moms, dads, children and citizens of the planet. 

We strive to eat well, make healthy lifestyle decisions and care for our Mother Earth.  So what’s all this talk about “organic,” “fair trade,” and “all natural”?  These are just a few of the latest buzzwords swarming around everything we’re eating, drinking, wearing and breathing. But what do these terms really mean?


With “all-natural” cigarettes and “organic” cheeseburgers on the market, does that mean you can smoke and eat fatty foods without any adverse health effects? Of course not!  There are many products labeled with words that sound good for you, but the products themselves sometimes aren’t (good for you, that is!).  Read on for a quick primer on the most popular eco-sounding terms you’ll find on store shelves and racks and discover how these words might be misleading....

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