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Ready to (Safely) Return to Pilates in the Grove? Read This!

Ready to (Safely) Return to Pilates in the Grove? Read This!

What a year it has been! It is hard to remember what life was like pre-pandemic, but here at Pilates in the Grove, we all can agree we are ready to get back to “normal,” whatever that looks like now.

As we begin returning to our more regular routines, we think there is no better time to return to Pilates, too! Of course, safety is top of mind for everyone, from our instructors to our studio guests. We want to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy as we begin to return to our normal routines, which is why we want to update on changes we have made at Pilates in the Grove over the last year.

Most of all, we want to remind you

 Our core mission is to create a supportive community that supports you on your path to improved health and wellness — that hasn’t changed! The only thing that has changed are a few minor adjustments to be as COVID-safe as possible. We also moved our SoMi location just a few...

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