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Music as Motivation

music and motivation Feb 01, 2016

Music as Motivation

For those of you who haven’t made it into one of my classes in South Miami, I’ll tell you I’m a firm believer in hard work.

To me, if you’re not working hard to achieve a goal (whether you’re at the gym, at work, or even in life in general), what’s the point?

Within reason as an instructor, I love to push my clients! Whether that means giving them a little extra motivation to keep their tailbone down while working on Footwork, encouraging them to hold planks (with proper alignment!) for a whole minute, or giving them the courage to hang upside down in a split on the Cadillac, everyone needs that extra push.

Music is my motivation

Having been a fitness enthusiast and gym-goer for quite some time now, and also as a new instructor, music has and always will be one of my biggest sources of motivation. At this point, the motivation may not be about keeping my tailbone down during footwork or even completing a...

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