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Label Me, Me.

In society, I am constantly noticing, especially now during the times of an election, a need to label one’s self, in an attempt to fit into some group or aspect of society. 

“I’m a republican”…”I’m a democrat”…”I’m a [name religious group]”…”I’m a yogi”… the list can go on forever.  While I understand the comfort in labeling, the camaraderie of a group, my fear is that it is too easy to lose one’s self in doing so.


I will tell you that I do identify more with the views of one political party over the others, but I am still an independent, because in order to fit ALL the views of that political party, I would be losing a part of myself that I am not comfortable losing.  Now, I’m not saying to go out and denounce all of your affiliations and titles and become an independent, not at all.  I am just challenging you to remain yourself in a world...

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