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There’s No Place Like Home…

home lifestyle Jan 18, 2016

I moved to Miami 7 months ago and had a total of 2 friends in town.

By the grace of the universe one of them was Alix Terpos.  Alix and I graduated from the same Physical Therapy doctoral program in Boston 7 years ago and when I decided to move to Miami I reached out to her. Alix told me about this incredible Physical Therapy and Pilates studio where she worked and I was immediately enthralled with the business model and the client centered care the studio provided. I will never forget the moment I walked through the front door for my interview… because I felt at peace for the first time in a long time.


I had felt totally displaced for the greater part of a year as I was transitioning out of a marriage, and a home in New Hampshire- the state in which I have lived my entire life. I was looking for a place to start over, to re-invent… no- rediscover myself. All I was searching for in a job during this time was one that would pay the bills during my process....

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