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New Year, New You

fitness goals holidays pilates Jan 02, 2017

At the start of every year, it seems like every marketing campaign switches to the theme “New Year, New You”.. or something very similar.


 With the idea that everyone starts out on January 1st with a new set of goals, expectations and a positive attitude for the upcoming year.


Of course, I am going to do my best to go into 2017 with a slightly different outlook than I am closing 2016 in.. but, I also  know I’m not going to magically be the exact person I want to be on January 1st (even though it would be nice).


My goal for 2017 is to take time to work on myself day by day and little by little. Whether it’s mentally, physically, or both and I encourage you to do the same.


Maybe 2016 didn’t go exactly as you had planned (I know mine didn’t). Maybe you weren’t able to tackle all of the debt you wanted to pay off, or you didn’t loose those 10 pounds you had planned on, or you didn’t get the...

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Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays (and everyday)

The New Year is still a few days away, but with the all the holiday treats and eats you’ve been up against since October, you may feel like you need to jump-start those New Year’s Resolutions.
It’s time for some diet damage control! Although there still are more parties and soirees to attend, we’ve got are a few simple guidelines to see you through January 1 and which guarantee a more healthy New Year.
Eat before you party 
Nosh on something healthy before you head to your holiday bash (and any soiree that includes cocktails). While this tip will mitigate the damage of any would-be hangovers, it also prevents you from making irrational “hangry” decisions. (like 20 handfuls of tortilla chips and guac!)
Don’t deprive yourself
If you really want a piece of chocolate, have it. Abstaining altogether will only lead to an all-out binge, but a bite or two of something rich will satisfy your craving with...
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