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The Foundation of Health: Probiotics

The Foundation of Health: Probiotics

Probiotics have become somewhat of a buzz word lately with food products like yogurt, smoothies, and drinks advertising “great source of probiotics!” 

But what exactly do probiotics do for us? Probiotics live inside and outside of our bodies but most reside in our guts. They create a physical barrier along the wall of our intestines that act like a security guard, choosing to allow in nutrients or keep out invaders. Regardless of how clean we eat and how much we remove chemicals from our homes our bodies are still fighting a war each day against bacteria, toxins in our environment, viruses, fungi, molds and yeast. A healthy gut that is lined with probiotics will be able to identify who should be allowed in and who should be kept out.  Toxins, chemicals, and waste products will be eliminated, while nutrients will be absorbed and delivered to cells throughout our body to maintain healthy cell function.

Probiotics do so much...

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