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Age is NOT a disease

aging and disease Mar 21, 2016

Age is NOT a Disease 

Let’s talk about aging and disease. I can not tell you how many times I have heard my clients blame a current ailment on age. It’s not turning 50 that is making your balance worse. It’s not turning 60 that’s making your back hurt, and it’s not turning 70 that’s making you need that walker to go out grocery shopping. It’s most likely weakness and muscle atrophy that is the culprit, not age. Remember – AGE IS NOT A DISEASE! I want to share how you can age healthfully!

Getting Older

As a society we are very quick to accept a loss of functional independence, impaired balance, muscle weakness and aches and pains as “part of getting older." The media, drug companies and even doctors are all guilty of perpetuating this completely inaccurate information. Research shows that lean muscle mass and power can be preserved as we age. That loss of muscle mass is NOT an unavoidable part of the aging process. There are...

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