Why Pilates?

why pilates Jul 18, 2016
a Pilates instructor helping a woman perform an exercise on a Pilates machine

Why Pilates, out of all the fitness programs and sports and workout options out there? Here’s my story of how Pilates changed my life.

I will never forget the day I first walked into the Pilates in the Grove studio. We had just moved to the neighborhood, and  were coming home from eating out somewhere close by. I saw the little Pilates in the Grove sign and got really excited. I had an Aunt who was just going through her teacher training in Austin, TX and she had recommended I look into taking some classes.
To give you some background, I was a collegiate swimmer who got injured going into my senior year. I tore my labrum and had to get shoulder surgery. I had graduated a year before and was still trying to find my groove. It’s weird going from working out 30+ hours a week to sitting at a desk. I also hadn’t found anything I really truly enjoyed doing to workout.
So back to that day, I walked into the studio and spoke to Jackie. She was sweet and friendly, showed me the studio, I took a class schedule and walked out. I had never tried Pilates on a reformer before. I had taken a mat class here and there at the gym but this looked really interesting. I began taking classes shortly there after and I fell in love.
It was definitely a different type of workout.. nothing like I had ever experienced. Not like sweating to death in a cycling studio, lifting weights, running outside or staring at a black line at the bottom of a pool. It was peaceful, challenging and I truly enjoyed the group class setting. I decided shortly after a few classes that this was something I think I’d really enjoy as a career. I was an Exercise Science Major, I would actually get to use my degree. So, I put it in the back of my mind as a “maybe some-day” type goal and left it at that.
Well, now here we are about 3 years later and I finally did it. I completed the Core Advancement Pilates Teacher Training put on by Pilates in the Grove. This studio has provided me a sense of belonging and a home. I truly enjoy teaching and going to the studio for work, it makes me happy and my heart full.
I always say I wish I had found Pilates earlier in life, that I would have never had to have that shoulder surgery and I would have been a much better athlete. But, like they say everything happens for a reason. Timing is of the essence, and I couldn’t be any more grateful for Pilates in the Grove and starting out in a career that I truly love. If you find yourself in a similar position, I suggest you try a Pilates class yourself! You may fall in love with it just as I did
Carrie Foster Heberling