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Top 10 Healthiest Food Spots in South Florida as voted on by our Resident Vegan Sabine Gempel

People are always asking me where I eat so I made a list of some of my favorite restaurants in South Florida.

I consider myself mostly vegan because I only cook vegan at home but every once in awhile I crave some meat, and, of course, will pretty much eat almost anything someone else makes for me. Some of these restaurants are vegan only but all have vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy options. I’ll start north and work my way down..


1. Christopher’s Kitchen in North Palm Beach

This restaurant is all vegan and has a casual side, a formal side, and a to-go section. The casual side is cozy with indoor and outdoor seating and vegan cookbooks to check out. The more formal side has an all organic wine bar where you can swipe your credit card and automatically get a 1/4,1/2 or full glass of wine. The to-go section also has snacks and prepackaged food, drinks, and dessert if you’re in a hurry. My favorites are the CK tacos and every single dessert!


2. Darbsters in West Palm Beach

Another all vegan restaurant that is not-for-profit and donates their money toward animal welfare and animal rights. Keeping in the pet loving spirit, dogs are allowed and you even get a discount when you bring your dog some nights. Indoor and outdoor seating available and located on a water way. They have live music some nights and a bar with a TV for watching games. I love their lunch and dinner but I especially love their breakfast! The breakfast burrito and French toast is finger-lickin good! You won’t believe it’s vegan!


3. Green Bar and Kitchen in Ft Lauderdale

Located near the airport it’s a great stop before or after a flight. It’s all vegan and dog friendly with indoor and outdoor seating. They have kombucha on tap and bottled beer and wine. I recommend their burgers and ice cream. They have different stuff going on almost everyday of the week (music, singing, brunch, etc) so check out their weekly event schedule online.


4. Crave Clean in Miami

Ok we made it down to Miami and to dessert 😋. While not actually a full restaurant this place has cupcakes, cookies, brownies, granola, etc that you can feel good about eating. No added sugar or oil and high in protein. Everything is under 200 calories and delicious!


5. Lokal in Miami

This burger place uses grass fed beef and local veggies when available. They have draft beers that they rotate out and use many local breweries. Their Lokal burger is simple and delicious but they also have a great veggie burger (no cheese) when I want a vegan option.


6. Choices in Miami

Probably my most frequented for breakfast and dinner. They are all vegan and organic. For breakfast, the Kind Slam is unbeatable. Tofu scramble, sausage, bacon, and a pancake = ultimate weekend breakfast. For lunch or dinner I recommend the VA insane mex and the tofu pesto wrap. Indoor and outdoor seating and we sneak our dog Sophie to the outdoor area out back ☺️ On top of great food I love the staff here; friendly and cheerful! Soon to be our neighbor in Coconut Grove.


7. Whisk in South Miami

So I love the burrito here but it’s definitely not vegan. When I’m wanting a healthy option here I go for the hummus sandwich. Great bread, hummus, tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, carrots, lettuce. Simple and delicious. The atmosphere is warm, cozy and a little loud. Don’t go here for a quiet meal or with a big group.


8. Jugo Fresh in Miami

This restaurant is an all vegan option with mostly juices and smoothies. They have some prepackaged to-go food options but the reason I added this to my list is their smoothie bowl: vegan “ice cream” made of frozen and blended fruits and topped but fruit, granola, and vegan cookie chunks. This is perfect for those hot Florida days when you want something to fill you up and cool you down. These keep me coming back!


9. Green Gables in Miami

This is a cozy little restaurant with friendly staff- open Monday-Friday til 4:30. If you work a regular schedule it’s hard to make it to this place, unless you work nearby. They have vegan and vegetarian options but also options for my carnivore friends. Great carrot cake and cupcakes- both vegan and regular, delicious daily specials, and simple yummy breakfasts. The only bad thing about this place is that it’s not open for dinner or on weekends.


10. Pinecrest and Coconut Grove Farmers Markets

Plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and meat/dairy options here! At the coconut grove market you can pick and chose from an array of sides and salads- the options here are endless! At the pinecrest market I recommend the dragon fruit smoothie, Indian dips and bread, and, of course, some bread and pastries from Zak the Baker. On a nice day it’s great to get your food and have a seat outside and enjoy the day. Sophie also loves this market because there are some delicious dog treats and it’s a great way to meet some new doggie friends.


These are just a few of my favorites for delicious and healthy eating options in south Florida. I also recommend the website happycow.net to find places locally, in the U.S., and also abroad. We used it to find some great vegan restaurants in France! (Don’t worry I ate plenty of butter, bread, and cheese in France but every so often I needed a dairy break). I hope you get a chance to check out some of these places and can add some new healthy favorites to your dining out options. Make sure to tell them Pilates in the Grove sent you.


Cheers to your health!


Sabine Gempel, DPT, PT, PMA-CPT


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