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Take charge of your health!

One of my jobs is as a physical therapist in a hospital where patients are constantly dependent upon a long list of individuals who are in charge of their health care plan.

The respiratory therapist to give them their breathing treatment, the nurse to give them their medications, the doctors to diagnose them, the surgeons to operate on them, and the physical and occupational therapist to help get them out of bed- just to name a few! Yes, there are many many more people involved! Hard to imagine it would take so many people to manage the health care of one person.


I had a fellow therapist, a teacher at the time, pose a question to me while I was in graduate school that resonated with me and never left my mind. “What would you do if there were no doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, etc. to take care of you and manage your health? How would you treat your body differently?” It was such a profound question that got me to thinking, who is responsible for our health? It is so easy, probably too easy, to visit your doctor today and get a prescription for nearly any symptom that ails you. High blood pressure – there’s a drug for that! Diabetic – there is a drug for that! Morbidly obese – there’s a surgery for that! Feeling tired? Can’t sleep? Low libido? There are drugs for that too! And the list goes on and on. But what if you couldn’t just visit your pharmacist or schedule a surgery. Would you treat your body differently?


Maybe you would eat a little differently, exercise a little more,  or just make some time to relax and de-stress. Whatever it may be, I challenge you to think about what you might do differently. At the end of the day each of us is responsible for our own health. This is the most empowering message of all! You are in control and can make a positive impact on your health and your life each day. So today I encourage you to make one more healthy choice and enjoy life to the fullest!


Sabine Gempel


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