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Meet the Team: Lauren Santos

Meet the Team: Lauren Santos

Lauren Santos is a born and raised Miami native who has continuously engaged in sports rehabilitation, and health fitness studies from a young age.

Such as her parents, Lauren has chosen to pursue a career in the realm of medicine to ultimately become a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in sport rehabilitation. Lauren is an active member of the Sports Science Organization where she participates in various events involving exercise sciences and fitness studies throughout the academic school year at Florida International University (FIU). Lauren is as adventurous as she sounds, always creating a comfortable, and welcoming environment no matter where she is. In Lauren’s free time you can almost always catch her working out getting her fitness on or just simply enjoying the outdoors. As a part of the Pilates in the Grove team, Lauren is always willing and able to assist clients whilst on their fitness journey!

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast

Brown sugar oatmeal, with a tall cup of coffee

I don’t leave home without?

Something to pick my hair up with (With the Miami heat it is a must!), and my eye glasses.

What qualities do you admire in a teacher?

I admire a teacher who is always willing to help their students achieve their goals. I also admire when teachers create a comfortable, and warm environment that students do not feel as though they need to amount to anything other than themselves.

Top 3 places you have traveled? Top 3 places you would like to travel?

Top 3 places I have traveled: Hawaii, California, and Spain

Top 3 places I would like to travel: India, Australia, and South Africa

How would you describe your fashion style?

Sporty. YOGA pants and loose fitting, comfortable tops. Black frame glasses. Along with my hair in a cute/messy yet stylish bun.

3 things you would grab in a fire?

My running shoes, glasses, and my yoga mat.

Top 3 things on your bucket list?

Save up and backpack for 1 month around all of Europe, bungee jump off of a cliff, cage dive in Australia with sharks.

Favorite Book?

All of the Harry Potter novels.

Favorite quote?

Life can always be worse, so SMILE J

I am an expert in…?

Anatomy/Exercise Science. The subject has always had a place in my heart. I love how the body reacts to movements and how your body mechanics effect your daily life. Whether it involves simple movements in classes or the most intricate movements in classes; I am always astonished how the body will always conform to movement.

On any Saturday night you will most likely find me at…?

Meditating. Reading. Watching Netflix and catching up on my latest show. Hanging out with friends. Line dancing…Yes, line dancing with cowboy boots and all!


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