Make a Difference: Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Choices

eco-friendly lifestyle Jul 11, 2016
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Committed to cleaning up your act? Your eco-friendly, green lifestyle, that is. Hooray! The planet is already thanking you.

An eco-friendly lifestyle goes beyond simply recycling, or even driving a hybrid car. Below, find a list of some in-depth considerations to take into account.

Water Consumption

Are you doing everything possible to conserve our planet’s precious H2O? Be sure that you’re taking short showers, turning off water when brushing teeth or washing dishes, conserving water by running loads of laundry or dishes only when you’ve got a full load, timing sprinkler systems and pool filters to run at the minimum levels and being generally water conscious at all times.

Everyday Life

Be aware of how much you’re driving and make an effort to bike and walk as much as possible (these are healthy choices, too!). Take your purchases into account: are you shopping locally? Are you aware of organic jewelry and clothing? Do you use eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products? Invest in energy saving appliances for your home – these are real game changers and will significantly reduce your electric bill.

Also, remember to turn off lights when you’re not in a room or at home and unplug all small appliances (coffee maker, toaster, hairdryer, etc.) when they’re not in use.  Purchase energy efficient light bulbs.  And always remember to take along your reusable, cloth shopping bags. Use them everywhere – from the supermarket to dropping off materials at your children’s school and for random shopping excursions.  No more paper or plastic bags, please!

Garbage & Waste

If you’re truly committed to going green, it’s going to mean adjusting your grocery shopping, cooking, and recycling habits. Do you purchase products and foods in recyclable containers? Are you shopping local and/or organic? Do you compost? Do you reuse plastic bottles or containers? Have you considered growing your own herbs or veggies? These are all points to consider when making green lifestyle changes.


Most neighborhoods offer recycling pickup as a part of their waste removal services. Find out which materials are accepted through your neighborhood’s recycling program (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, etc.), or find a local recycling center if you have additional materials you’d like to recycle.

At Pilates in the Grove, we are committed to living eco-friendly lifestyles. We hope to have you join us in the studio soon!