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Genine’s Top 50 Diet Mistakes

diet mistakes Feb 07, 2017

Top 50 Diet Mistakes

We hear so often of people wanting to change their diet and nutrition, but there are so many myths that people fall prey to. Here are some of the top diet mistakes we see people making when it comes to their diet and lifestyle.

Top Mistakes

1. Having a negative or defeatist attitude.

2. Going on a diet that has an eating pattern that you cannot adhere to for the rest of your life.

3. Believing that you can eat cabbage soup—or any other low-calorie, but monotonous food—every day for the rest of your life.

4. Obsessing over counting calories.

5. Weighing yourself too frequently.

6. Not drinking enough liquid.

7. Drinking sugar-laden drinks.

8. Eating more white bread and pasta than protein, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

9. Consuming processed foods more often than fresh foods.

10. Overcooking vegetables so that they are not appetizing.

11. Not having a plan.

12. Blaming others for your shortcomings.

13. Judging quickly.

14. Not knowing the nutritional content (healthy vs not so healthy) of what you eat.

15. Finishing every last bite of a meal after are already are full.

16. Going back for seconds at meals.

17. Eating at all-you-can-eat buffets and consuming large amounts “to get your money’s worth.”

18. Skipping breakfast.

19. Starving all day.

20. Bing eating after “falling off the wagon” and then waiting until tomorrow to get back on track.

21. Thinking you are genetically destined to remain unhealthy.

22. Not believing that you have the courage to change.

23. Believing that if you lose weight, you will not keep it off.

24. Thinking you are unattractive.

25. Not living each day to the fullest—thinking that better things will come when you are thinner.

26. Wasting time.

27. Not finishing tasks you begin.

28. Postponing tasks that need attention.

29. Rationalizing.

30. Thinking pills, powders, or potions are more powerful than they really are in achieving weight loss.

31. Believing that exercise is a chore, instead of a way to improve your health and your life.

32. Not scheduling exercise as a vital part of your day and week.

33. Indulging excessively in alcohol.

34. Watching sports, rather than participating in sports.

35. Watching too much television.

36. Not giving enough time to personal hygiene and appearance.

37. Refusing to read self-improvement materials on a regular basis.

38. Giving up on yourself and resigning yourself to remaining “fat.”

39. Finishing the food off of your family’s plates while you are doing the dishes.

40. Tasting and nibbling on food while you are cooking it.

41. Baking cookies, pies, and cakes more often than for holidays or very special occasions.

42. Always having candy in dishes, supposedly for guests, but eating more of it yourself.

43. Buying unhealthy snack items for your children, but eating some yourself.

44. Not having vegetables and/or fruit with each meal.

45. Serving more carbohydrates than any other food group for meals.

46. Thinking that dieting sprees—and not total lifestyle change—will bring lasting weight-loss results.

47. Not visualizing yourself actually living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

48. Not taking vitamins and proper supplements, if you need them.

49. Consuming fast foods on a regular basis.

50. Waiting for tomorrow to get started rather than RIGHT NOW!

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