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Birthday blues? Embrace your age!

Birthday blues? Embrace your age!

I used to always dislike having a birthday. It was my least favorite holiday of the year. Growing up as a dancer with a long career in theatre where youth was in and old was out, kept me lying about my age for years. You see, agents and casting directors were not allowed to ask our real age. They could only ask our age range. Well, that gave me a chance to shave off about 5 years. How fun is that? So when I was 40, I was telling everyone I was 35. This went on for years. It was exhausting.

So about 10 years ago I realized that this was crazy. Age is just a number. The way you live your life is what keeps you young. Pilates and staying active has kept me young. Our bodies are like the ‘Tin Man’ from the Wizard of Oz. If we don’t move we get stiff. And if we get stiff we get old.

I can now say I am a true believer and example that Pilates keeps you flexible, strong and young from the inside out.

So now you are trying to guess my age right? Come on ask me. I’ll tell you. The truth is I am going to be 60 years young and I love it.

Enjoy the article below.

1. You are as young as your spine is flexibility!

What do I mean by the youth of our spine’s flexibility? As we get older, our bodies’ flexibility decreases significantly and quickly if it isn’t paid attention to. If you are 35 years old and you are not flexible, you will move like an old person. If you are 75 and you are flexible, you will still be spry. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. No matter how many years you have been alive, you will look and move how your spine allows you to.

Pilates works every single muscle and all of the connective tissues, including ligaments, tendons and fascia.

2. Pilates is your one-stop shop!

Running, weight lifting, swimming, cycling are great exercise, but they train only certain muscle groups. Pilates works every single muscle and all of the connective tissues, including ligaments, tendons and fascia.

3. Live more consciously through your life!

Pilates isn’t something you can daydream through or just go through the motions like we can all be guilty of in other parts of our lives. In fact, the whole concept of having to pay attention to your breath while working through each moment can transition your body into being more attentive in other activities in your life, too.

4. Pilates increases bone density!

Pilates involves both strength-training and weight-bearing exercises. What is most important for bone density is the weight-bearing exercises because they involve using your bones to support your weight as you exercise. With regular Pilates exercise, you keep your bones strong and those with bone loss can potentially slowly rebuild its density.

By Teri Seier Moore


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