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Apple Cider Vinegar: The Miracle Product

Apple Cider Vinegar  (ACV) does more than add a zing to your salad dressing.

It’s known as a powerful cleansing and healing elixir- a naturally occurring antiseptic and antibiotic that can fight bacteria, germs, and viruses! The pungency of ACV can often make it appear as if it’s gone bad, but the fermentation and ripening process gives it its strong odor and taste—and this is a natural, good sign! Natural ACV is a brownish color, often with brown cobweb like substances, which is referred to as the “mother.”  So the next time you’re looking to clean your house, in need of a remedy for too much time spent in the sun, or just in need of a thorough detox, look no further.


Here are JUST A FEW reasons why ACV is so good for you and how it can be used in SO many ways…


Apple cider vinegar…


  1. Relieves chronic fatigue
  2. Helps control and normalize weight (*in combination with a reduced calorie diet) by burning fat with its acetic acid. Just add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 oz of water. Sip this concoction throughout the day. (You can also add cinnamon and 2 drops of stevia or honey to sweeten it a tad)
  3. Helps relieve PMS
  4. Purifies your cells by ridding the body of toxic wastes
  5. Relieves headaches
  6. Provides healthy skin and regulate skin’s PH when used like a lotion after the shower, massaging into damp skin, or as a cleanser/toner on your face to open pores and loosen dirt after steaming face with a pot of boiling water
  7. Fights arthritis
  8. Relieves muscle cramps
  9. Helps normalize blood pressure
  10. Keeps your joints and tissues youthful and helps banish stiffness from your body
  11. Keeps your bowels regular
  12. Fights bladder and kidney problems
  13. Can help treat dandruff, itchy scalp, and dry hair
  14. Helps to improve digestion
  15. Soothes sunburns and bites
  16. Provides energy
  17. Relieves sore throats when used as a gargling agent
  18. Can deodorize and aid with cleaning laundry by adding the ACV and water into the laundry tub prior to adding items to be laundered
  19. Can clean gold jewelry
  20. Can clean countertops, cabinets, mirrors, windows, toilets, carpet stains,  and floors, and remove residue from showers. Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup water
  21. Can remove stains from teeth
  22. Assists with flea reduction on your pet
  23. Preserves fresh cut flowers
  24. Rids of unwanted weeds and grasses…


…and more!! There are over a hundred uses of ACV! But don’t take my word for it. To see exactly how and in what dilution to use ACV I usually refer to the book:


Apple Cider Vinegar, The Miracle Health System, by Paul C. Bragg N.D, PH.D & Patricia Bragg N.D, PH.D


or check out www.bragg.com. The Bragg Family is the brand of ACV that I buy, but there are several other options on the grocery stores shelves. Just make sure to look for organic, raw, unfiltered, with the ‘Mother’ in it, and skip the watered down non-organic versions! If you don’t have it in your house already, go out and grab a bottle and check out the benefits for yourself! Enjoy!


-Jackie Brodie Craig


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