Achieve Your Goals With An Accountability Partner

accountability partner Jan 20, 2020
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You’ve set a goal, and now you actually need to achieve it!

Hard work and self-discipline are essential ingredients, of course, but to really supercharge your success, grab a buddy. According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), goal-seekers who have an accountability partner are 65% more likely to complete a task – and 95% of those will achieve greater success compared to those who go it alone! Accountability partners really do help you achieve your goals.

What Is An Accountability Partner?

Simply put, it’s someone who helps you to keep the commitment to your goal. This could take many different forms, from an active role like coaching, training, or teaching, to a role more in the background like friends or family, who can provide support when you need it most.

Starting with an accountability partner is really easy! All it takes to start is sharing your goal with them. Just telling your goal to someone is the beginning of your commitment – it’s out there in the universe now!

Next, follow these steps for a successful partnership.

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Accountability Partner

We Work Better Together

1. Set a regular check-in

Do this for the same reason that you always clean your house when you know someone is coming over. Set a regular meet-up with your accountability partner, because you’ll always be motivated to give them good news on your progress!

If you’re going to have to look your accountability partner in the eyes every week and explain yourself, you’re more likely to stick to your goals. 

2. Track your results together 

There’s nothing like seeing tangible results in front of your eyes! And you can see this progress by tracking the steps you take. If you have a health or wellness goal, there are plenty of apps that can help you track everything from physical activity and sleep, to water and food.

Some apps (like the popular MyFitnessPal) allow you give access to others so they can keep you accountable. Whether you write your results down the old-fashioned way or track them in an app, make sure to discuss them with your accountability partner – their outside perspective can be especially helpful for understanding your progress. Start the conversation with questions like these:

  • How are your results trending over time?
  • If you’re not making the progress you expected, why?
  • What are you aiming for during the next time period?
  • Are there any trends or triggers that you (or your partner) notice?

3. Understand their role in your goals

Setting expectations is an important step to take early on with your accountability partner. They can’t choose your groceries or do your workouts for you, but they can give you the mental boost you need when those healthy choices seem like a heavy lift – and maybe they need that support from you, too! Define the role your partner will play in your journey, as well as what you can do for them.

The one thing to remember is that, ultimately, you’re in charge of your own success! Your accountability partner can’t do the work for you, but they can provide the support you need to reach the finish line.

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