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23 Achievable New Years Resolutions

So it’s a new year and we just completed another holiday season.

With the holidays being a great time for fun, food, and family, but also a time of guilt and remorse (why did I eat so much sugar?!), sometimes New Years can be met with a feeling of relief to start anew, or dread, knowing it’s time to make those new years resolutions again that were never met last year. While making resolutions for self improvement are wonderful (losing weight, eating healthier,  sticking to a budget etc.), they are often confronted with frustration, dread, and then guilt if in fact 4 months after the New Year has begun the first step towards those new goals haven’t even been initiated.


So while I encourage and applaud the “typical” resolutions, I’ve also come up with a list that will hopefully be met with excitement and anticipation that will change the way we look at resolutions, and give us things to DO instead of give up. Think of it as a way to add spice to your life!


1. Be more adventurous; try a new water sport, drive a race car with a professional driver, go parasailing

2  Travel more; be specific on where you want to go because vague ideas rarely get done, but attainable goals are something you can work with

3. Read more books and less online

4. Get more sleep

5. Smile more

6. Spice up the mundane; plan a candlelight dinner/picnic or bring some fresh flowers to your bedroom. Simple changes make life seem more beautiful

7. Grow a plant

8. Start a new hobby

9. Listen to your favorite music more, and get taken to your happy place instantly

10. Take a class at a University

11. Discover a new part of town that you generally don’t travel to, to know more about the city in which you live

12. Start the new business you’ve been dreaming about

13. Say “yes” to more things! (Dinner parties, friend invites, helping someone out)

14. Dress more like your style; Do an overhaul of your wardrobe and start wearing things that make you feel good, instead of worrying about the latest style. Make your own statement.

15. Stay in touch with friends and family, or reconnect with them. Research suggests people with strong social ties live longer than those who don’t

16. Volunteer more; you’re not only helping someone else’s life, but our own happiness also increases when we help others. Giving back to the society in which we live is the least we can do to make the world a better place to live in

17. Walk with your head held high and notice your surroundings (that means, stop looking at your cell phone) 🙂

18. Go to a local concert or play

19. Have a movie marathon

20. Get a new makeover

21. Be punctual everywhere you go

22. Be empathetic, reach out to meet and love your neighbor, and do what you can to be better than you were yesterday. We have a responsibility as people to be good to one another, and to try to accept and understand one another. It is our obligation to show compassion and moral support to our fellow humans.

23. Think positively!


By Jackie Brodie-Craig


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