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Pilates in the Grove is where South Floridians go to benefit from the expertise of qualified Physical Therapists and Fitness experts offering group, semi-private, and private sessions.

Pilates in the Grove founder Christa Gurka opened her first studio on Miami Beach in 2007 after running a private practice Physical Therapy clinic for several years. The idea was spawned after realizing the amazing benefits her clients were experiencing after completing pilates-based physical therapy and their desire to continue with Pilates for fitness but were afraid to go to a BIG BOX gym. She wanted to create an environment where clients could safely and effectively achieve their fitness goals without the high maintenance of a larger boutique studio. She assembled a team of highly qualified instructors and physical therapists in an effort to bring her brand of high quality wellness services to the local community.

In 2010 Christa wanted to bring her love of all things fitness to her local Coconut Grove community and opened Pilates in the Grove. At this time the business was also transitioning into a complete health and wellness brand and quickly established itself as the highest quality Physical Therapy practice in Miami. Her team has over 70 years of combined experience and is eager to help the community on their journey to a painfree lifestyle. Her studios continue to set the benchmark for high quality fitness and wellness services.

Offered throughout the day Pilates in the Grove classes help to increase flexibility while strengthening the abdomen, back, arms and legs. Pilates also helps to improve posture, balance and agility while correcting imbalances and weaknesses within the body. Since group sessions are capped at eight students, you can expect plenty of personalized attention from the instructors.

Whether you’re slimming down, looking for a new way to unwind or decrease pain and improve function, the team at Pilates in the Grove will leave you feeling strong, stretched and energized and will help you develop your body and mind so you can get into the best shape of your life.

You can now visit our Miami Studios at two convenient locations, in Coconut Grove and in South Miami. Both locations offer reformer pilates classes, barre classes, and physical therapy services.

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Our Misson

Our mission at Pilates in the Grove is to create a supportive community for our customers that inspires them on a pain-free journey to improved health and wellness. Read these FAQs to help you become more acquainted with our method and studios.

Get Into The Best Shape of Your Life

Below are a few frequently asked questions from new clients. We hope that these help you to get a better understanding of general Pilates and our Pilates Studios.

What is Pilates

Pilates is a workout done on apparatus with springs providing resistance and on a mat. In a Pilates session, each exercise is modified to your body’s needs and ability. Pilates can be done by a person of any age or fitness level. Pilates is exercise, and you will sweat.

Unlike many types of exercise that use only the big muscle groups, Pilates works your entire body. Romana says, “Strength comes from within,” because Pialtes works from the inside out. At the root of every movement you will work a band of abdominal muscles called your “powerhouse”.

What equipment is used?

There are over 600 exercises in the Pilates method of body conditioning and the majority of them are done on Pilates Apparatus. Our fully equipped studio will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your workouts, and it will provide variety so you will never get bored. We have 8 Allegro Reformers, 1 Cadillac, and many small apparatus’ like magic circles and foam rollers, for your full body pilates workouts.

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Both Pilates and Yoga are methods of body conditioning that focus on strength and flexibility. Joseph Pilates was interested in Yoga and based many of his exercises on Yoga postures and principles. Pilates uses an apparatus in addition to exercises done on a mat. When Pilates mat work is done properly, your muscles are working with resistance. However, this can be hard to feel and the apparatus helps you do that.

Are there different levels of classes?

Yes. Our class levels are as follows:
All Levels. This class is for all clients of any fitness level and ability. Modifications will be given to more advanced clients to increase the difficulty of the exercises.

Intermediate 1. These classes are for clients that have a solid fitness foundation and can perform all of the basic foundation Pilates exercises without assistance. Clients know how to adjust the springs independently and are able to modify exercises appropriately for their level. These classes are not for beginners with little to no Pilates experience.

Intermediate 2. These classes continue to increase the intensity and difficulty of the Pilates exercises. Clients should not have any restrictions to take this class. Clients should be able to adjust springtension independently andknow appropriate modifications of each exercises. These classes move at a quicker pace and require a solid Pilates foundation.

Can I take a class if I'm pregnant?

Pilates is a wonderful and safe form of exerciseduring pregnancy however if you are new to Pilates we recommend pre-natal clients begin with a private session prior to entrance into a group class. Group classesare appropriate for prenatal clients for up to 6 months of pregnancy. We recommend private or semi-private sessions once you have reached your last trimester.

How early should I arrive?

On your first visit you should arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. We will have paperwork for you to complete. After that you should arrive at least 5 minutes before your class or session.

What if I arrive late?

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for a group class you will not be allowed entry into the class for your safety and as not to disrupt the flow of the class. If you arrive late for a private or PT sessionyou will receive the remaining time available for the hour.

Do you have drinking water?

Both studio locations have water fountains or water coolers..bringingyour own water bottle is recommended. We do not have water for purchase.

Our Team

Our studios set the benchmark in Pilates instruction, as most of the instructors hold advanced degrees and boast well-rounded backgrounds in physical therapy, occupational therapy, dance movement therapy and massage therapy.

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